desi cows

“Desi Cows”

Having its natural habitat in the Gir forest, in Gujarat, the Gir cow is a premier variety of the Zebu cow breed, a breed known for its docile, gentle and calm nature.


Very high endurance and resistance to high temperatures and humidity.

Immune to cattle and tropical diseases.

Milk produced by the Gir cow is highly regarded and appreciated for its quality.

Gosattva Gir Cow

Did you know Gir cows play a key role in the quality of the milk you drink?

Gosattva Desi Gir Cows, who are nurtured with love by our Gwallas, provide the top-notch quality milk. Our Gwallas not only take care of them, but raise them to be the ultimate patrons of pure milk.

Unlike adulteration and genetic modification that happen in the industry, we at Gosattva believe in purity and goodness of our milk.

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