When it comes to paneer, who doesn’t feel amused and has a watery mouth? We hope that there isn’t a single person who would deny while answering this question and that the answer would spring out spontaneously in a matter of seconds. However, this is not the case while eating the appropriate and pure quality of paneer. Most of us would probably go into introspection in response to this question, as there are no reliable sources that would allow us to be confident in consuming pure paneer.

The purity of paneer is inextricably linked to the purity of the milk used in its preparation. Paneer made with A2 milk is the purest and tastes the best compared to paneer made with A1 milk. At Gosattva, we only sell A2-type milk and other dairy products made with the same milk. This paneer would taste fantastic on its own and would persuade your taste buds and culinary spirit to its origins.

Qualities of Gosattva Paneer:

  • Natural: Gosattva paneer is made from 100% A2 cow milk and contains no preservatives. Gosattva paneer is made with natural vinegar and lemon, which help to preserve the paneer’s natural flavor and aroma. One of the primary factors contributing to our paneer’s great taste and health advantages is its natural state.
  • Homemade: Apart from being organically prepared, another attribute of Gosattva paneer is the preparation process created in a homemade approach to retain the superior and home-like taste of paneer. Gosattva paneer is not exposed to any industrial processing and therefore, maintains its natural taste, flavor, and texture.
  • Superior Flavour: Unlike other types of paneer on the market, Gosattva A2 Desi Cow Paneer is prepared entirely of pure A2 Desi Cow milk. Its exceptional flavor is due entirely to the processing procedures utilized and the cleanliness of the milk used in its manufacturing.
  • Soft: Gosattva’s A2 Paneer is naturally soft because it is not subjected to any type of industrial softening procedure or contains any softening agents. The unique selling point of our paneer is that it is made entirely of natural ingredients. We never compromise on our products’ quality standards or natural origins.
  • Fresh: Every day, Gosattva A2 Desi Cow Paneer is freshly produced to keep the paneer’s unique taste and freshness while also preserving and without sacrificing on quality. As previously said, we do not use preservatives and hence do not keep them for a longer period of time in order to maintain longer shelf life.

We at Gosattva are proud to maintain high-quality standards. We are obliged to provide the highest quality dairy products to our customers.

Company Name: Shreeparshwa Organics

Registered Address: Plot No. 12, Umred Road, Near Abhang School, Dhanwantari Nagar, 440034

Communication Address: 12, near Abhang School, East, Dhanwantari Nagar, Chitnis Nagar, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440009


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