Superior quality of Gir Cow Pure A2 Milk from Gosattva Farms in Nagpur.

Today milk in many households has been replaced with other beverages


this cannot in any way curtail the simple fact that good bone and body health comes from nothing but what our mother always told us to have, a glass of milk.


How we excel?

No Adulteration

Our A2 Gir cow milk is free from any form of adulterants. A doctor supervises cows and ensures that their milk is best for all your dietary requirements.


High Quality Fodder

Cows are allowed to roam free and graze on top-quality fodder, to enhance the nutrition profile of the milk.


Pure Quality

We understand the importance milk in your daily life and that’s why live up to delivering pure A2 quality Gir cow milk for you and your family.


Healthy Life

Packed with calcium, a blend of vitamins and minerals, Gosattva A2 milk does not just offer a higher nutritional value, but also adds quality to life.

Customers Happiness Meter


Happy Customers in Nagpur

Gosattva believes in the provision of its quality services to one and all. Our priority lies in the happiness and satisfaction of our clients. They are not just our clients, but integral members of our family, thus we give them nothing but the best when it comes to the quality of our milk. We are well acquainted with the contribution of quality milk to one’s life. We believe in assisting small and marginal dairy farmers in establishing a sustainable life, and we endeavour to meet the highest quality, safety, and ethical requirements while also considering the environment and health-conscious milk consumers.

A glass of Gosattva milk and you are ready to conquer the world!


Company Name: Shreeparshwa Organics

Registered Address: Plot No. 12, Umred Road, Near Abhang School, Dhanwantari Nagar, 440034

Communication Address: 12, near Abhang School, East, Dhanwantari Nagar, Chitnis Nagar, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440009


Copyright © 2023 | Gosattva | Powered by : COD Studio

Copyright © 2023 | Gosattva | Powered by : COD Studio

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