Vitamin D is an extremely necessary vitamin that aids in the absorption of calcium in the body. It also aids in the support of vital physiological functions such as immunological, neurological, circulatory, and digestive functions.

It’s only recently that we’ve heard a lot about this vitamin because it’s likely that our forefathers were only seldom low in it. People in India used to consume a lot of pure and handmade milk, curd, buttermilk, cream, and ghee. As a result, they may have received enough vitamin D to absorb calcium naturally. It also makes sense when we consider how humans were able to exercise without exerting much effort.

However, due to western influence, fear of raising cholesterol, fat-body shaming, and therefore increasing crash diet fads, we Indians have attempted to eliminate these essential milk products from our balanced diet, resulting in an unbalanced diet. However, while most of us are aware of the importance of getting enough vitamin D, there are a plethora of artificial resources available online.

We have got you some selected and convenient ways to consume vitamin D regularly and effectively:

  1. Pour yourself a glass of Gosattva A2 cow milk:
    The simplest and most satisfying approach to get a daily dosage of vitamin D from food sources is to drink a glass of cow milk. A daily glass of cow milk will provide 15% of your vitamin D requirements.
  2. Consume dairy products:
    If you don’t care for plain milk, you may always substitute traditional dairy items like curd, buttermilk, lassi, fresh cream, ghee, and so on. Nowadays, there are a plethora of food options that not only provide essential vitamins but also delight your taste buds, such as nutritious milkshakes, smoothies, cream soups, cheesy sandwiches, and so on.
  3. Bask in the Sun:
    The simplest way to receive a natural vitamin D booster is to get direct sunlight exposure, which is easy to do in India due to its geographical location, which provides more than adequate sunlight virtually all year. After all, vitamin D is known as the “Sunshine Vitamin” for a reason.
  4. Take Vitamin Supplements if Needed:
    If you are unable to meet your daily vitamin needs through diet or exposure to sunlight, this may be your last option for getting enough vitamin supplements. There are a variety of supplements available on the market; however, you should not begin taking any of them without first contacting your doctor and testing your vitamin levels.

These are some simple and convenient solutions for getting enough vitamin D daily and not falling short on anything in terms of health.

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