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  • Experience the rich taste of Bilona Ghee made from A2 milk at Gosattva Farms. Discover the traditional process that ensures unmatched quality and health benefits. Process: Contrary to today’s methods of using machinery to make ghee, Bilona ghee is made using traditional methods of hand-churning. It is made by boiling Gir Cow’s pure and high-quality A2 milk, and then subsequently cooling it. This is followed by the addition of a fraction of curd to the milk, which is then churned by hand, which leads to the formation of butter. Once the butter is made, it is boiled to make the water evaporate, and what you have left is pure and fresh Bilona Ghee. The traditional method of churning is tedious and slow, whilst the method of making ghee from machinery yields higher revenue, but here at Gosattva, we do not believe in meddling with the quality of our ghee, for money. The health of our customers is our top priority. Benefits: • It is a digestive stimulant, the liver can comply well and break down fats in Bilona ghee faster, which gives energy and this ghee also accelerates the digestion of Vitamins A, D, E, and K • It helps in maintaining dermal health, it has moisturizing properties which help in skin problems such as dark circles, dry skin, and chapped/cracked lips • Bilona ghee is an immunity booster and an excellent superfood for keeping the heart and brain in perfect health • When taken as a component of a nutritious and balanced diet coupled with exercise, it keeps the body fit and slows down the aging of body tissues and cells • It helps in the removal and excretion of toxins that are fat-based and can cause irritation indigestion • It can be a great carrier for fat-soluble herbal components, thus, is of defined and prime importance in Ayurvedic scriptures


Company Name: Shreeparshwa Organics

Registered Address: Plot No. 12, Umred Road, Near Abhang School, Dhanwantari Nagar, 440034

Communication Address: 12, near Abhang School, East, Dhanwantari Nagar, Chitnis Nagar, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440009


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Copyright © 2023 | Gosattva | Powered by : COD Studio

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