The hardest part of the workout is to be consistent. Here are some helpful things to keep you motivated…

The hardest part of workout is to be consistent. Here are some helpful things to keep you motivated…

Are you also one of those who are waiting for the motivation to strike in without putting in any effort? Are you one of those who think they can not manage time to work out regularly from their tight schedule? Or do you want to be one of those who are actually successfully working out sincerely even if they have plenty of reasons not to do so? Let me tell you, there is only a 5 step difference between these 2 categories, and you can actually choose in which category you want to fit in. The choice lies in following exclusive things to keep yourself motivated…

1. Sequence over a strict schedule:

If you think you will get up at 6 in the morning and do a workout, then forget it. You will never be able to do so, as a human being can only possibly imbibe one new habit at a time. However, as your preference is working out regularly and not getting up early in the morning, focus on working out after you wake up at your routine time. If you get up at 10, you can certainly work out after that; but if you decide on the early morning time, you probably will keep waiting for the morning of another day.

2. Get in a workout outfit:

They say that if you want to get in the mood for doing anything, the first step towards it is to start the work. Once you get on track with work, you will tend to complete it. Therefore, when you get in workout clothes, half the battle is already won. Therefore probably you will do the workout rather than sitting idle and waiting for the motivation to strike in.

3. Allow variation in workout types:

Be open to a variety of activities that are doable, in all your changing schedules. For example, if you do Zumba every day at a certain time, but if you miss one day for some reason, you can still take a brisk walk, or do yoga at home, play badminton with a neighbor or do some high-intensity training at home with online tutorials. Just do not be stubborn with the kind of workout you want to do.

4. Find a partner or mentor:

We all know that man is a social animal, however, we don’t imagine how deeply we thrive on this aspect. It is always easier and more convenient to work out with a partner than doing it alone.
Every person naturally tends to drop off while acquiring new habits, however, tends to continue if he sees somebody around doing the same. Therefore your partner or mentor will likely motivate you to work out every day.

5. Prepare beforehand:

Prepare for the workout just as you prepare for the office, or meeting beforehand. Get your workout outfit washed, dried, and ready, probably on an earlier day before going to bed. Keep your workout instruments neat and in place. This will not only save you from hunting for things at the last minute but also prepare your mind for tomorrow’s workout. Also, check with your daily supply of Gosattva A2 milk and A2 ghee, as a healthy diet after a hearty workout is important.

6. Note your progress, and celebrate small achievements:

Keeping the progress chart will help you see the substantial progress you make in a certain duration. Settings up smaller goals and celebrating these tiny achievements gives you a sense of success which helps resume the workout routine even if you need to skip some days for some reasons. A journal or a fitness tracking app will certainly help.

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