Ghee, an Indian name for clarified butter, is seen as an ancient Indian solution to almost all health or skin-related problems. We all can certainly remember our grandmothers insisting on us eat homemade ghee on hot ‘ chapatis’ or ‘dal’. At that time most of us tried to avoid it because we either were dieting or we were afraid of increasing cholesterol due to western influence. However, some recent researches have come forward to prove the health benefits of our desi, Indian ghee; which the Western world likes to call A2 ghee.

We will start with understanding the general terminologies used in this field like “A1 beta-casein” and “A2 beta-casein”. What are they exactly that the dietitians and scientists from the whole world are going crazy with? These both are the proteins of milk, which makes 80% of the total protein content of milk. Regular milk contains both proteins, however conscious production of A2 milk at Gosattva contains more A2 beta-casein protein.People have got to know more about these in recent years when a foreign company did extensive research and proved that A1 beta-casein protein is harmful to human bodies. Heavy use of A1 quality ghee has shown some hazardous impacts on human bodies such as increasing cholesterol levels or increasing weights due to extensive fats.

Due to the years of cross-breeding done on a large scale on cows to produce a greater amount of milk, almost all types of cows started producing milk with high A1 protein. However, the Gir cow, which is the desi Indian native breed of cow, is a rich source of A2 beta protein. We, at Gosattva, take this as our base for creating desi pure ghee made from the milk of desi Gir cows. Our production of A2 ghee is done by organic methods, which sustains all the original qualities of desi ghee and its health benefits nonetheless. Desi unadulterated ghee is naturally tastier and has a grainy texture.

Let’s see some major benefits of a2 ghee

1. Improves digestion:
Due to the large contains amino acids in ghee, A2 ghee made by Gosattva is easier to digest, even lactose-intolerant people can consume it as it’s beneficial for human bodies.

2. Supports Metabolism:

Consumption of desi ghee supports the increase in metabolic rate, unlike different dairy products which increase fats only.

3. Keeps Cholesterol levels in Control:
A2 ghee is a rich source of Omega 3 fatty acids, which helps in reducing LDL, which is bad
cholesterol, and increasing HDL (High-Density Lipoproteins), which is good cholesterol.

4. Supplement of Butter and Oil:
Being a big source of good fats, this desi ghee can be easily used as a substitute for Butter
and Oil in almost all delicious recipes, where a large amount of both or either of them is needed to be used.

5. Powerhouse of Vitamins and Minerals:
Our desi ghee does not only contain good cholesterol, but also many antioxidants, vitamins,
minerals, and micronutrients, which makes it even healthier and should be consumed by all
health enthusiast people.

6. Builds Immunity:
As A2 ghee contains many natural vitamins, such as vitamin A, minerals, and antioxidants, it
helps extensively in building Immunity for people in all age groups. During covid situations,
people were highly recommended to use pure desi ghee in their diets.

7. In Ayurvedic Medicines:
Many Ayurvedic Medicines use pure desi ghee as their base instead of various oils. The
famous Ayurvedic method of detoxification “Panchakarma” uses pure desi ghee as the
biggest detoxing agent in the majority of their processes.

8. In Beauty Products:
Our ancient Indian beauty products were largely using this desi ghee as their base instead of
various fruit extracts or oils as they do in many foreign countries. It is believed that desi cow
ghee helps in reducing stress and heat of the body when applied on scalps and feet.

9. Lubricants of Joints:
Pure ghee works as an excellent lubricant for Joints and builds stronger bones. Since we
celebrate Diwali in India, we focus on using more and more ghee in our sweets so that we
consume it in the right quantity which certainly helps us become strong and fight the winter
the season which follows Diwali.

10. Improves Intestinal Absorption:
Ayurveda has given us the gem of medicine to reduce the acidic pH of the gastrointestinal
tract and helps the small intestine to increase its absorption capacity.

11. Skin and Hair Benefits:
The right amount of Gosattva A2 ghee in the beauty products we use for our skin and hair
helps a great deal. Ghee improves the natural skin glow, reduces hair fall by reducing
the body heat, and improves hair texture also.

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