Pregnancy Wellness: Discover the Benefits of Gosattva Bilona Ghee


For the Indian families, “Good News” calls for a huge celebration. Motherhood is the most integral role a woman may play during her lifetime. The challenge is to bring a new life into the world, which necessitates good nutrition. In most Indian families, however, a future mother need not be concerned, as our wise grandparents are always there to help. Grandmothers bring their secret meal, “Shuddh desi ghee,” which is pure desi cow ghee, along with the healthful Indian diet.

However, in recent years, there has been a lot of discussion regarding the traditional Indian techniques of nourishing a kid in the womb, as well as how to properly care for a pregnant woman. Due to concerns about rising cholesterol, doctors did not recommend various handmade meals. Recent foreign studies, on the other hand, have shown that the Indian superfood like Pure Desi Ghee assists to raise beneficial cholesterol and fats. As a result, consuming cow ghee is not harmful. On the contrary, when ingested in the proper doses, it is useful and healthy.

There are numerous benefits to eating our Gosattva Bilona Ghee. This article will focus on the health benefits of ingesting ghee during pregnancy.

  1. Vitality Tonic:
    Ayurveda provides the preserved knowledge of A2 Bilona Ghee in terms of its essential inclination to supplement the necessities to everyone, not just pregnant women. When you take our Gosattva A2 Ghee in the proper proportions during pregnancy, you will receive all of the nutrients you need to stay healthy for the entire nine months of your pregnancy.
  2. Stress Reduction:
    Pure ghee has always been recommended by ancient Indian food science. Bilona Gosattva Ghee, in the appropriate doses, not only relieves tension but also helps with weight loss. Increases the relaxing effects on nerves by activating feel-good chemicals.
  3. Vitamin and mineral powerhouse:
    A2 ghee is a better natural detoxifying agent than any artificial one because it is high in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and micronutrients. Omega 3 fatty acids help to increase HCl, or good cholesterol, which is important for the infant fetus’s nutrition.
  4. Strengthening the system:
    Pregnancy necessitates a significant mental, and emotional commitment. Pregnancy and labour take a toll on women’s bodies, which is where our secret superfood, pure Desi Ghee, comes in. It aids women’s bodies in regaining vigour after childbirth because it contains a variety of nutritious nutrients.
  5. Helps with Digestion:
    Many pregnant women experience dyspepsia as a result of the significant hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy. As previously said, consuming ghee in its purest form, such as Gosattva Bilona Ghee, will greatly aid in the treatment of indigestion.
  6. Stimulates Normal Labor:
    As stated in Ayurveda, consumption of A2 cow ghee will encourage normal childbirth. Many Ayurvedic doctors suggest that ghee acts as a natural lubricant across the vaginal tube during delivery.
  7. Helps with constipation and acidity:
    Acidity difficulties may worsen if already existent, or constipation problems may occur owing to a heavy diet, as a result of the intense hormonal shifts women face throughout pregnancy. Our Bilona Ghee, on the other hand, aids in the cleansing of the gastrointestinal system, which alleviates these problems to a significant extent.
  8. Promotes the growth of the fetus:
    According to experts, a pregnant woman requires around 200-300 more calories per day than a healthy one. Our Gosattva Bilona Ghee is the ideal food for increasing calorie intake in a healthy and balanced way since it also aids in the increase of HCL levels or good cholesterol.

Here are some common and practical ways to incorporate our Ghee into your diet:

  1. Homemade laddoos.
  2. On roti, chapati, and rice, a teaspoon or two.
  3. Different kinds of halwa, such as Gajar Halwa, Badam Halwa, and so on.
  4. In general, ghee should be used instead of oils and butter in the diet.
  5. It can also be used externally in the case of excessive body heat.


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