Trying new workout trends at home? Don’t forget to get your hands on these nourishing recipe ideas post workouts.


You have just finished a nice workout and now you are feeling hungry. And then you start imagining several unhealthy snacks and some mouth-watering dishes. We know how difficult it is to control yourself in such situations. Therefore, we have come to your rescue with some tasty but healthy post-workout ideas of snacks that you can prepare beforehand and won’t eat something which you shouldn’t with hunger panic.

1. Smoothies full of Protein:

If you have a busy schedule lined up right next after your workout, you probably won’t have enough time to bathe and also have a post-workout meal. Nevertheless, you can always prepare a glass of smoothie, with which all the experimentation is possible. Check your stalk of fruits and veggies, and decide which taste you want to have today. Just pick any one or many fruits or vegetables, mix it with Gosattva A2 milk, and organic honey and your refreshing smoothie will be ready in 5 to 10 minutes.

2. Chickpea Hummus with Colorful Salads:
Consuming a dose of protein and fiber after a rocking workout is always a good idea. However, having protein for vegetarians need not always be boring like chewing on soya chunks. You can always prepare a hearty meal with chickpeas and veggies available at home. Preparing a hummus is slightly time-consuming, but not at all difficult though. Just mixing a bowl of overnight soaked chickpeas and a little taste-making will do wonders.

3. Crunchy Dry Fruit Salad:

Having a combination of dry fruits and nuts after a crazy workout is no less than a deal. You always crave chewy snacks when too hungry, and that’s exactly when this dish enters. Giving a feeling like crunchy snacking, however, boosting protein and healthy carbohydrates is a specialty of dry fruit salad. All you need to have is different dried fruits and nuts handy and then give them different combinations with fresh cream made from  Gosattva A2 milk. Roasted almonds and walnuts, flavored cashew nuts, dried kiwis, pumpkin seeds, etc, are some of the popular items to use here.
4. Fresh fruits, Oats, and Milk:

You just have had a nice sweaty workout, and now you don’t want to have a normal meal, but a healthy and refreshing meal; then what can be better than a nice bowl of freshly cut fruits; Gosattva A2 milk, and some oats mixed together. This will certainly keep you full with a combination of juicy fruits, chilled or hot milk, and tasty oats to give a bit of crunchiness.

5. Homemade Yogurt with fresh fruits:

When your workout time is just a couple of hours before lunch or dinner, then you don’t want to have something which will make you feel full. However, you need something that can assure the right quantity of lunch. At such times, you certainly want to opt for these amazing healthy snacks. Yogurt made at home, flavored with your favorite bites of finely cut fruits will refresh you in seconds without making your tummy full before a nice meal.

6. Dark chocolate milk:

If you have had a bang-on evening workout, then you certainly would crave something sweet, but indulging in sweets, which contain a lot of sugar won’t be healthy. Then evergreen chocolate milk will come to your rescue. Homemade chocolate and a glass full of; Gosattva A2 milk will calm your sweet cravings and make you feel fresh. However, just make sure that this is the recipe only to make at some times and not often.


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