Pay attention to vegetarian people… We have got you convenient ways to get your daily supply of Vitamin D


Is vitamin D a recent fad? How is it that we only have started listening to this name some years and not before? Is this another brand marketing strategy to make us eat more and more medicines? Let us understand in detail. Vitamin D is an absolutely essential vitamin that plays an important role in absorbing body calcium. It also helps in supporting various crucial body functions in our immune, nervous, circulatory, and digestive systems.

It is only recently that we hear a huge noise regarding this vitamin because probably our ancestors were only rarely deficient in this vitamin. As we have already known, people used to consume a large chunk of pure and homemade milk, curd, buttermilk, cream, and ghee in India. Therefore, possibly they had enough amount of vitamin D naturally to absorb calcium. It also makes sense when we try to understand that people were able to do physical exertion without much effort.
However, due to western influence, fear of increasing cholesterol, increasing fat-body shaming, and therefore increasing crash diet fads, we Indians have tried to completely cut off these necessary milk products from our balanced diet and have made it unbalanced. However, most of us have understood the need to indulge in the proper intake of vitamin D, but there is a bunch of artificial resources available online. We have got you some selected and convenient ways to consume vitamin D on a regular basis effectively.

1. Drink a glass of Gosattva A2 cow milk:
Drinking a glass of cow milk is the easiest and most rewarding way of having a daily dose of vitamin D through food sources. Having a glass of cow milk every day will fulfill 15% of our vitamin D needs.

2. Have milk products:
If you are not very interested in drinking plain milk, you can anytime replace it with traditional dairy products such as curd, buttermilk, lassi, fresh cream, ghee, etc. Nowadays, we have a lot
more food options to not only supply the necessary vitamins but also satisfy your taste buds, such as nutritious milkshakes, smoothies, cream soups, cheesy sandwiches, etc.
3. Bask in the Sun:
The simplest way to get a natural vitamin D booster is by getting direct exposure to the sunlight, all thanks to the geographical place of India where we do have more than enough sunlight almost throughout the year. After all, there is a reason why vitamin D is called “Sunshine Vitamin”.
4. Have Vitamin Supplements:
This could be the last possible way of having enough vitamin supplements if you are not able to
attend to your daily needs of vitamins through food or exposure to sunlight. There are several
supplements that are available in the market, however, do not start taking any of those without
consulting your doctor, and checking the levels of vitamins in your body first. These are some easy and handy options for consuming vitamin D daily and not falling short at anything, when it comes to health, specifically for people choosing vegetarian food over non-vegetarian food.

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